Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pirate Shack Update

Hi Everyone,

So I've had the opportunity to get down to the beach here recently and it's been great.  I repainted the guest bathroom, added some more pots and pans, added a plug in with two usb ports in the kitchen, and just did some other little things around the condo.

I can't wait until summer 2014!  Cheers, Cliff

I also finally got to cleaning out my storage unit and found some surprises from family and friends!:
A new statue my dad bought me!  Love it - walk the plank...arrrrrrgh!

A surprise from my Aunt Sue-Sue (lots of Pirate Stickers and Tattoos!)

A gift from my sister and Joanna.  
If you visit the Pirate Shack, make sure to read the guest book - my sister and I tend to banter back and forth!

My dad bought me a new Pirate Flag!

So I have what I call "beach food" for when I actually vacation.  Pizza is surely on that list and I normally make it homemade, but while I was down last I decided I wanted to stuffed crust from Pizza Hut.  I got the garlic sauce with it (bottom left hand corner).  The sauce is EPIC!  You have to try it.  

Carolina Beach gets snow! 1/28/14


I had a friend go stay at the Pirate Shack to see the snow and she took some amazing photos!

North End Pier

View from the Pirate Shack Balcony

Beach front in front of the Pirate Shack

Puppy staying warm on the couch!

Looking left from the balcony

Looking down towards the Boardwalk - you can almost see the Marriott.

Looking towards the Mini-Mart (North End).

Looking back towards the Pirate Shack (Ocean is behind her)

Beautiful Fort Fisher (I love those trees).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 Summer Photos - Happy 4th of July.

Hey all,

Here are some photos from my visits and my sister's family visit this summer.  Enjoy and if you have any, please feel free to email them to me at for me to post.

Lots of activities to enjoy while at the beach, especially at the Old Time Boardwalk!  
Cliff :)

A morning oceanfront at The Pirate Shack!


Old Saltys

Old Saltys

Old Saltys

Old Saltys

Old Saltys

Old Saltys

FIREWORKS on the Sand.

Memorial Day Weekend Fun with Friends....

The Fat Pelican.

Night time lights and rides at the Boardwalk:

Shazam @ Thursday night fireworks:  ~9pm every Thursday during the summer.

My sister's visit:

Fort Fisher, the trees down there are beautiful.  

On the Ferry to Southport.  It's about ~$5.

Lighthouse before heading to Calabash for dinner with friends.  

My nephew with the best view in North Carolina.