Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates to the condo and a lighting storm over the ocean!!!

Hey Folks!

The condo has come so far since August of last year.  I mean really, it's a true vacation destination.  It's been really hard finding Pirate Stuff though.  You would think with the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out I'd be able to find anything and everything on Pirates, but nope!  I added some really cool new stuff today that I found while out and about! 

Pictures above the dining room table and new place mats to match the decor and brighten up the room.  You know that a Pirates best friend is his Parrot!  Check out the new pictures above the dining room table...please don't tell me they are crooked, I worked for an hour trying to get them straight!  Don't get me wrong, I've been here for the past 10 days and I've been the laziest person in the world!  I needed to take it slow and slow is what I've been...mostly relaxing on the couch watching Netflix, my new vice!  The next thing I added was a chair in the Master Bedroom.  I've been looking for a chair to put in there for the past 9 months and I haven't been able to find the perfect fit.  This wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but I think it will get me through the rental season and it adds a lot of pizazz to the bedroom with that bright neon green color.  I am so proud of the colors in the entire condo, it's not even funny!  Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, my buddy Kevin brought up the chairs for the back porch...and they sure are comfy.  One of my best friends Barb gave me a set of four, but I couldn't fit the four on the back deck, so there are only two comfy chairs back there.  This is the perfect place for sitting in the afternoon and watching the boats come in over on the canal or the different people that walk, bike and skate down Carolina Beach Avenue! 

 Okay, so don't get me wrong and this might sound really Erie, but I love thunderstorms!  A few months ago, I stayed overnight on Sunday night and had planned to leave first thing on Monday morning.  I awoke to lighting storms and rain.  At 4am, you'd think that watching a lighting storm over the ocean was the last thing on my mind.  It's a two hour drive back to Raleigh, so I needed to hurry and get on the road so I could make it back home and get ready for work.  I was mesmerized by the lighting over the ocean, it was the kind that have bolts and lights up the entire ocean.  I wished I had a camera to capture the beauty of nature showing it's true light - yes, pun intended!  This past week, I believe it was Thursday night, there were lighting storms over the ocean at night.  It wasn't the same kind as the lighting bolts I experienced from a previous month, but wow, it was still beautiful lighting up the ocean waves.  I only have my iPod down here with me this week, but I was able to capture a few photos!  When you visit, although I want everyone to have beautiful weather, I hope you get to experience the beauty of at least one lighting storm while you are's so amazing!  You always hear that nature is a thing of beauty and this definitely is!  Shazam:

All of the photos of the lighting storm were taken from the balcony!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 1st - April 3rd

Wow, what a beautiful weekend at the beach!  This weekend there was a car show on the island and the local farmers market opened.  We were too busy to enjoy any of these, but it was cool seeing the old cars driving around the island.  My friends and I visited this weekend to work on the condo and change up a few things.  We added the bunk bed in the guest bedroom.  It is a full size bed with twin overhead and trundle below and now sleeps up to four in that room.  We also named it the red room!  We also purchased the picnic table for the balcony.  Wow, it was an event trying to get it up the stairs, but we succeeded and it was so nice to sit out there and eat dinner while the ocean waves crashed.   

The last thing to do is replace the sliding glass doors and it will all be done.  That happens at the end of April and I can't wait!  Come visit soon, you'll never want to leave!