Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Pirate Shack - 1st rental season - mid-summer check-up

I worked in Wilmington this past week and decided to check in on the condo and make sure that the place was still looking good!  Well it does and the views are so awesome.  I had decided to rent it out this summer for the entire summer and take no time for myself.  I was so bitter during the 4th of July.  I really wanted to be at the beach and enjoy the fireworks over the ocean.  Today, I took a few pictures of the updates and changes to the condo.  They are below! 

You gotta sign the guest book!
Memorial Day Weekend - look at that beach ball.

The guy that drives this lives behind the Pirate Shack, tell him you need a really comfy chair!

Learn about Carolina Beach and Pirates while vacationing!

New Chest for the Guest Bedroom!

Water break you should check out on the far south end of the island near the boat launch.  Drive on South Lake Park Blvd, all the way South until you can't drive anymore.  You'll have to park and walk around the retaining pond, it's beyond that, but don't walk out too far, if the surf comes up, you'll be screwed out be careful!