Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pirate Shack Update

Hi Everyone,

So I've had the opportunity to get down to the beach here recently and it's been great.  I repainted the guest bathroom, added some more pots and pans, added a plug in with two usb ports in the kitchen, and just did some other little things around the condo.

I can't wait until summer 2014!  Cheers, Cliff

I also finally got to cleaning out my storage unit and found some surprises from family and friends!:
A new statue my dad bought me!  Love it - walk the plank...arrrrrrgh!

A surprise from my Aunt Sue-Sue (lots of Pirate Stickers and Tattoos!)

A gift from my sister and Joanna.  
If you visit the Pirate Shack, make sure to read the guest book - my sister and I tend to banter back and forth!

My dad bought me a new Pirate Flag!

So I have what I call "beach food" for when I actually vacation.  Pizza is surely on that list and I normally make it homemade, but while I was down last I decided I wanted to stuffed crust from Pizza Hut.  I got the garlic sauce with it (bottom left hand corner).  The sauce is EPIC!  You have to try it.  

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